Remix — A new designer fashion retail brand for Dubai

A brand for an exclusive ‘designer mall’ retail village concept planned for Jebel Ali, Dubai.
Create a brand to hold, and appeal to, many famous names in fashion.
Garrett Reil with FutureBrand London
The mall’s architecture and interiors are based on a remix of modern minimal design, juxtaposed with idea of a traditional Italian hilltop village, (only in Dubai!)Romani, quite simply means ‘people of Rome’.

Create a strong identity for a designer fashion mall. This needs to coexist with the many strong recognisable brands sharing the space. So, to a degree, the brief was to stand up with these global fashion brands. To be part of their lexicon. But, equally not to compete openly. After all, the aim is to be a home for these world class offerings.

A dynamic brand. The word mark Romani appears always in motion. 'Captures' from the animated brand become the graphic language. Simultaneously expressive, while discreet. Distinctive typography and an iconic ‘statuesque’ photography style. A modern remix of classical and fashion forms.

What’s the result?
An idiosyncratic visual identity, which remains recognisably of the world of fashion.
Brand design system for fashion retail development by Garrett Reil
Magazine design for retail development by Garrett ReilSales pack design for retail development by Garrett ReilReport design for retail developer by Garrett reilProposal for sign sculpture installation in rerail mall development
Fashion brand design by Garrett Reil
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