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I don’t do everything. Just one thing well. Brand.
Strategic creative thinking and doing for ambitious businesses
and standout brands. Proud partner to leading agencies.

Garrett Reil Brand Consultant
Garrett reil — brand thinking, planning, doing
‘Build your brand to grow your business.
Put your people and your customers first—
and design a strategic brand advantage’.

Typical challenges where I help find practical, actionable solutions—to build your brand advantage.

  • How can our brand help deliver our business strategy?
  • How do we optimise our brand, to help scale the business to the next level?
  • How do we utilise brand to connect with a new market?
  • Can we build more brand recognition and recall in the marketplace?
  • Should we create a new brand or sub brand?
  • Can our brand messages be more engaging and excite our audience?
  • Do we reposition or rebrand in changed or challenging circumstances? And, how to get the most from it?
  • Can our brand help us sell and upsell—and at the same time help us retain and hire?
  • How do we best organise and optimise our brand portfolio, both for customers and ease of management?
  • What should we do when we merge, acquire or consolidate?
These are some typical scenarios, but there’s rarely a ‘typical’ business. To discuss case studies, or your unique challenges, get in touch.


An experienced brand specialist working in close partnership with brands and agencies. The objective? Create, reinvent and manage effective branding — which delivers success by engaging your end-customers.

About Garrett…
Garrett Reil – brand consultant

Doing what?

Helping businesses, brands and agencies create and grow dynamic breakthrough brands. I believe in clearly identifying core strengths, then carefully define and eloquently articulate each brand’s story.

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Impact focused branding and messaging
sectoral knowledge and commitment

The why...

Experienced with retail, tech, b2b, corporate and FMCG brands. Whether it’s on-pack, in your app or a business card — it’s your well-told story and how it clearly tells your underlying differentiating truth, that will engage your audience and add value to your brand.

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Garrett Reil – brand consultant
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Build the best foundation for your brand.
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