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Garrett reil — design & brand thinking, planning, doing
‘To build your brand, grow your business, put your people and your customers first’.


Experienced designer and branding specialist working with leading brands and in close partnership with senior colleagues and agencies. The objective? Create, reinvent and manage creative and effective branding. Branding which delivers success to clients and engages their end-customers.

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Garrett Reil – brand consultant

Doing what?

Helping businesses, brands and agencies create and grow dynamic breakthrough brands. I believe in clearly identifying core strengths, then carefully define and eloquently articulate each brand’s story.

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sectoral knowledge and commitment

The why...

I have worked with retail, tech, corporate and FMCG brands. Whether it’s a label, an app or a business card — I believe it is the story, how it tells the underlying differentiating truth, that ultimately determines the value of your brand.

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Garrett Reil – brand consultant

Garrett is one of the most creative individuals in his field... He works tirelessly to both understand and develop concepts that deliver and add value to a client’s brand and products.

Strategic Innovation Director

Garrett does a super job, offering lots of fresh, unexpected ideas, gets to the heart of the matter, and sees it through from start to finish.

Managing Director

...excellent communication skills and the ability to grasp complex subjects and translate them into simple, straightforward, messages. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on several projects and he has always managed to surprise me with innovative solutions

informed opinion

Brand news and brand views

Navigating brand management – the a, b, c…

Generally, when we are building a successful brand we are engaged in looking outward to the market. But increasingly, it’s how we manage our brands internally that determines a brand’s long term success. Based on the successes (and some failures) of major brand projects, here’s my absolute top line on brand management…

Inside-out branding

A little self-care is not only essential maintenance and best practice for your people – it’s actually instrumental to delivering a better experience to your customers. After all, your happy people are more likely to deliver genuine customer care and positive interactions to your end-customers.

Frenemies? The unexpected usefulness of understanding trends

Trends can be our friends— it’s important to know the terrain and the likely challenges and opportunities you’ll encounter before starting your journey. But, if you’re creating brand assets and behaviours and aiming to follow trends, you are not navigating your own path.

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