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Navigating brand management – the a, b, c…
June 1, 2018
Generally, when we are building a successful brand we are engaged in looking outward to the market. But increasingly, it’s how we manage our brands internally that determines a brand’s long term success. Based on the successes (and some failures) of major brand projects, here’s my absolute top line on brand management…
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Inside-out branding
A little self-care is not only essential maintenance and best practice for your people – it’s actually instrumental to delivering a better experience to your customers. After all, your happy people are more likely to deliver genuine customer care and positive interactions to your end-customers.
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Frenemies? The unexpected usefulness of understanding trends
Trends can be our friends— it’s important to know the terrain and the likely challenges and opportunities you’ll encounter before starting your journey. But, if you’re creating brand assets and behaviours and aiming to follow trends, you are not navigating your own path.
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