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Garrett Reil works with leading brands and in close collaborative partnership with senior colleagues and agencies to create, reinvent and manage breakthrough brands. He employs design thinking, a rigorous strategic approach and a unique combination of visual and verbal design to create successful brand design.

successful brand design — engages, informs and builds relationships

Garrett Reil MA FRSA MIDI.
With over twenty years industry experience creating brand identity and design communication solutions across traditional and digital media. Garrett has worked with many major international brands and businesses, as well as a variety of Irish organisations and charities of all sizes and won industry awards for the effectiveness of his work.

garrett reil FRSA
recently (from appleman’s to Zurich)…

Recently he has directed major brand, naming, employee engagement and communications projects for; Appleman’s Cider – Heineken, Atypical Law (BRE, UK), Bord Bia (Food, Ireland), Bosch (Global / Germany), CPL Aromas, Engie (France), Etex / Eternit (Belgium), Euronit Ireland, FutureBrand, Hilti, Industry Branding, Fexco, Karen Millen, KFH Bank (Kuwait), MABI, Merck (Germany), Microsoft (Seattle), Mitsubishi Corporation, Meraas (Dubai), Morrisons, Natwest, NYK (Japan/Global), Optimum Group (UK), Royal Bank of Scotland, Warba Bank (Kuwait) and Zurich (Gobal).

‘With extensive global experience of creating consumer, corporate and b2b branding, I help brands build a competitive advantage by focusing on delivering a compelling proposition to market that is:
— Visibly different
— Memorable and compelling
— Clearly voiced and communicated’
Garrett Reil
leading agencies — London & Dublin
Recently Garrett has held leadership roles at leading brand agencies in Dublin.

Beginning his career in London, he held senior roles and led brand design programmes with industry‑leading design and brand consulting groups FutureBrand, Landor (The global branding business), Retail design group BCD (Butler Cornfield Dedman) and Banks & Miles; with work including retail branding & campaigns for Bass plc, literature for CME Media (Eastern Europe/TV), retail identity for Kiabi (France/Fashion retail), corporate identity for Delta Air Lines (US/International), and identity standards and typographic consultancy for London Underground and Transport fo London.

Background… brand and communications design
As partner in Rain design and brand consultants, Dublin, Garrett was strategic design and branding consultant to Botany Weaving, Gabriel Scientific / SleepAngel, Kleerex Group, PEI Medical, Trintech plc, Magnetic Solutions, Shell and Wexford Festival Opera.

He first returned to Ireland as Creative Director of The Identity Business (now Superunion). His work included branding for Allfinanz, branding and card design for Bank of Ireland, strategic brand review for Eircell (Vodafone), NPD for MBNA cards, identity consultancy for ICS / The Mortgage Store, and an extensive brand audit & identity design, creating Eircom.
Garrett has an MA in Design from NCAD. A graduate of LSAD Visual Communication, with distinction an National Design Graduate of the Year. Garrett was also RSA (Royal Society of Arts) WHSmith/Banks&Miles Bursary Award winner (UK). He has been a visiting lecturer at NCAD, Exeter, University of Plymouth (UK) and external advisor on their MA in Design.
Fellow and former board member for Ireland of the RSA (Royal Society of Arts), member of the Institute of Designers in Ireland and awarded member of the ISTD, International Society of Typographic Designers.
What I’m best at

Areas of specialist expertise…

Creative strategy
Creative strategy
Bringing business and brand strategy to life in creative terms. Exploring territory, language and imagery to define a brief and the way ahead for a breakthrough brand.
Brand design
Brand design
From strategy to a living brand, with everything in between. Ideas driven by the brand’s essence and delivered with perfect execution across all customer touchpoints.
Working in partnership with clients agencies to detail and improve the creative process. Ensuring brief and strategic goals are met and delivery exceeds the brief.
FAQs machine

Frequently asked questions — answered

Do you specialise?


Yes and no. I’m a certainly a brand specialist in that I create unique verbal and visual identities based on unique brand strategies. But I work across sectors and include B2B and B2C branding in the mix. I believe this is essential to creativity.

Can we skip the boring research and strategy bit and skip to the brand design?


Well, no. If you want to make something unique and useful –  that’s what branding requires. But if you have good research already (meaning a thorough understanding of your project and market), and you have a plan for how to solve it, we’re half way there. And, good news, it’s never boring! Call me to discuss.

How do you approach naming?


Each project is individual. But, like any other design process, it should be built out of an understanding of the marketplace, your customer and product(s) or service. First we take (or make) your unique strategy and define creative territories to explore. Then, when there is an agreed direction of travel, I create names and collaborate with you/your team to arrive at the strongest solution. Visualising these as research quality visuals or mockups helps the decision-making process.

Do you work on digital projects?


Yes. And I’ve created award winning web experiences, guidelines and campaigns for social — even for global clients. Most projects are worked ‘digital first’, as you’d expect. Apart from some technicalities, I really don't think there's any line of difference between a digital brand and a ‘traditional’ one, that’s just legacy thinking and is better left behind.

Do you have a style?


No. I have an approach. In fact, blindly following a given style of work, whether verbal or visual design, is anathema to a genuinely differentiated brand. Yes, there are plenty of designers and consultants who have a house style and they may be a good choice for specific projects — and good luck to them. But if you ask me to repeat for you exactly what I have done for someone elsewhere, prepare for some tough questions ;-)

How long does it take?


Projects and problems to be solved come in all shapes and sizes, typically from a few weeks to a number of months. Building a brand is an ongoing process, so while the strategy, creative and design phases are critical it is even more important to have a guiding set of principles to guide you on what is a constantly changing and iterative journey.

How much does a naming or brand design project cost?


That’s a million dollar question. But the answer is not as much as that! As above, projects and problems to be solved come in all shapes and sizes, typically from a few weeks to a number of months and costs reflect the time involved. Call me to discuss.

Do you work directly with brands and brand managers to create brand identities?


Yes. More than half of my work is direct with companies and I have worked with major and upstart brands across brand strategy, new product development, brand naming, brand identity concepts and creating brand guidelines.

Why do people insist on having frequently asked questions on a site?


Good question. It saves a lot of bother answering the same questions repeatedly and at the same time is a digestible format. It does not hurt your site’s performance in search either – which I guess is one of the prime reasons people take the time to answer questions clients may have. For more complex questions, get in touch.

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