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If you don’t decide and clearly communicate what makes you unique, special, what makes you the better choice and why—then you’re leaving it to accident, and in the hands of your audience (and your competitors) to define your brand.

How do I define what makes a winning brand?






Beyond your unique offer to the world (Proposition and Positioning), the driving elements that will make your brand engaging and irresistible are Purpose (your why) and Personality (your who and how). It’s a lot like people.
Garrett Reil – brand consultant uncover your purpose
to build your brand purposefully

Your brand or organisation has a purpose in the world. It could be lofty or very straightforward, but it should articulate some greater meaning, some problem it solves (beyond ‘make the big bucks’). Brands that define and harness that meaning — and live it! — have a proven record of business success.

The right questions will lead you to the brand strategy
Answer some simple questions

To get to the core of your brand, there are four key questions to answer. Together we can answer these questions to uncover your uniqueness, and define a clear and simply understood strategy for your future brand. Why, who, how and what: These are the building blocks of your brand advantage...

Process – four questions to answer

The building blocks of your brand advantage


you exist
The place to begin.
Often called mission or purpose. What’s the driving purpose of your brand? This can be simple or complex, functional or aspirational.


you are
What do you believe in?
Your values or beliefs.
This is important inside your organisation or brand, but it will be evidenced in how you behave externally in every encounter.


you do things
What’s your unique way of doing things? How does your brand communicate — look, sound, feel? Your beliefs and values direct, and are reflected in, these behaviours.


you offer the world
A simple description of what you do (to make a difference). This should be broad enough to allow for change and growth — and be more than just the category you operate in.
building your brand advantage

When we have answers to the key questions we identify and distil your central brand idea — a core truth, expressed simply, that makes your brand unique and compelling.

Your unique
brand idea

Your brand idea, North Star, essence, positioning, mantra... whatever you call it, this simple truth distils, inspires and informs everything you do — and how your brand relates to the world

Before you build, create a solid foundation.Let’s discuss

Nobody gets galvanised by, ‘I need to double net profit’.
Sorry, even my top team doesn’t.
So the question is, what can you rally people behind?
Oliver Bate, CEO
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