Some nice things clients & agencies said... was the most natural progression in the world to ask Garrett to manage our brand and marketing communications. Garrett has an innate ability to deliver excellent creative solutions and really understand ‘and get’ a client's strategy and end goal – delivering integrated communications that make a real difference to a businesses’ bottom line.

Global Head of Marketing
Payments / technology

Garrett is a true professional, whose trusted experience and engaging manner I would recommend to anyone.

Creative Director
Global Branding Agency, UK

Garrett is very skilled at collaborating with key stakeholders to understand the essence and personality of the brand and what makes it unique in a somewhat crowded marketplace ... Garrett’s ability to take outputs from the workshop and craft authentic, credible and impactful messaging is second to none. I would highly recommend Garrett for strategic brand work.

Co-Founder / MD

His grasp of the complex technical solution and his ability to create consumable and very easy to understand messaging was second to none. While keeping the essence of our value proposition he elevated our tagline, mission statement, vision statement and all of our website messaging with ease and expertise.

Marketing Director
Analytics / Technology

His insights and creative mind meant a lot to me in this transition, and I am convinced he contributed heavily to bringing this rebranding alive and creating a success out of it. I can definitely recommend working with Garrett, because of the way he wraps his head around the topic, thinks about the strategic direction in a visual way, expresses it when he does not like one or the other development, but also advises possible solutions and a clear way forward.

Global Brand & Product Manager
Building Products

We are very grateful for all your work – the time, care and attention given – and the results! Thank you. It has been a very positive experience for Glenisk.

Commercial Director
Consumer Food Brand

He totally understood and articulated our purpose and the huge ambition we have for the brand. He devised bold creative directions – giving a clear voice to that purpose. He listened, made recommendations and gave us some difficult but inspiring choices to make along the way. I would recommend you get Garrett on board before you get into naming and design, it’s a great investment.

Drinks brand

Garrett has the ability to look wide and understand the business needs. He knows and understands where you need to be in the market and gives you practical steps to take you there. He seeks out ideas to get you there, to help you to stand out. He has a gift for finding the words and images, translating the concept of the strategy into practise. Your strategy doesn’t just sit there in a PowerPoint.

Law, Education

Garrett is one of the most creative individuals in his field... He works tirelessly to both understand and develop concepts that deliver and add value to a client’s brand and products.

Innovation Director

Garrett does a super job, offering lots of fresh, unexpected ideas, gets to the heart of the matter, and sees it through from start to finish.

Managing Director
Innovation / Change management

...excellent communication skills and the ability to grasp complex subjects and translate them into simple, straightforward, messages. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on several projects and he has always managed to surprise me with innovative solutions

Branding Agency

Garrett helped us with creative direction including naming concepts and branding / packaging for a new food product. He was great to work with, always delivered on time — and created a really cool brand image for us.

Managing Director
Food / healthy snacking
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