Reimagined — A law firm like no other

A brand for a new disruptive model law firm
Identify ‘a law firm like no other’.
Garrett Reil with Cauldron, London
A new, disruptive law firm model targeting tech start-ups and upstarts required a breakaway identity to position itself outside of legal sector norms.

Identify the firm as a disruptive force that understands the needs and concerns of its tech sector client base in the ‘silicon roundabout’ of Shoreditch, London. My initial research and brand workshops with the client group led to the positioning ‘A law firm like no other’.

A brand name using wordplay (or is that a typo?) combined with a strong, simple design style and a tone that’s refreshingly direct in legal circles.

What’s the result?
A highly-differentiated brand, appropriate to its target audience, which reflects the disruptive offer in an engaging way.
Magazine design for retail development by Garrett ReilSales pack design for retail development by Garrett ReilReport design for retail developer by Garrett reil
Fashion brand design by Garrett Reil
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