Reboot: branding Microsoft’s new flagship browser

A new brand created to convince an huge existing user base to move from Internet Explorer. And, at the same time, entice some once-loyal Microsoft users to back into the fold.
Create a challenger brand within Windows 10 and the Microsoft brand ecosystem.
Garrett Reil with Futurebrand London and Microsoft, Seattle.
Shedding old baggage and built from the ground up to be a leaner, faster standards-compliant browser, Microsoft Edge signalled a new era for Microsoft.


To clearly identify a new challenger browser within the Windows suite, yet aligned to the broader Microsoft brand architecture. This restricted colour palette, or any graphic elements, that could be deployed in differentiating the brand.

A structured, simple design style. A carefully-focused photography style. Plus, a clearly-defined brand voice. The result? Subtle differentiation and engaging humour. Distinctive browser features and attributes are identified by their icons. A defined brand, but still within the Windows world. The products defining features are highlighted and further amplified with wit.
A browser designed with do in mind.
A  ‘tone of voice’ motion piece, demonstrates to agencies how to highlight product features…
Always using the distinctive distinctive Microsoft Edge brand voice to engage...
Messaging with a touch of humour. Captivates attention, while it highlights the notation feature. Or, the ‘write on’ capabilities of Microsoft Edge...
Brand messaging sells the concept internally.
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