Repositioning — Eternit’s new purpose

A rebrand and repurposing of the Eternit and Euronit brands for Etex Exteriors (Belgium/international).
Repositioning Eternit as a specialist Agri-focused product, tailored to the unique needs of progressive farmers.
Garrett Reil esearch and strategy by Natalie Reid McEvoy. Specialist type crafted thanks to Rob Clarke.
Eternit is a pan-European brand with over 100 years of history creating building materials. Through its sister brand Euronit it spans into Southern Europe and South America.

As a brand with a rich heritage, research into the archives revealed legacy brands of character, which had been lost in the modern translations of the design.

The nature of the offer becomes more focused on progressive farmers interested in animal welfare – a signal of change was needed.

With the aim of being more responsive and human as well as utilising new technologies to deliver great benefits to animal health and ultimately the customer, the new Eternit visual identity and tone of voice harnesses the spirit of the legacy brand and delivers a much simplified, but warm and expressive approach.

A little history (over 100 years)…

Eternit historic references
Legacy wordmarks were expressive
Recent design developments were more ‘mechanical’
Residential icon
A clear simple icon system identifies sectors and the species housed under Eternit’s care.
Eternit rebranding visual design
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