The (brand) creation story

The (brand) creation story


It seems every religion has its creation myth.

And perhaps it’s no surprise that every successful brand has a creation story.

The lightbulb, the struggle, the rejection.

Here’s one. You may know some variant of it already?

Three college friends went to a music festival to see whether people would like their freshly-made smoothies. Next to their stand they placed two bins, marked ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ — and the message: “Should we give up our day jobs to make smoothies?”

At the end of the day the ‘Yes’ bin was overflowing.

And Innocent smoothies was born.

Now, maybe you’re thinking. “That’s all very well for innocent — but I don’t have a story like that”.

But let me tell you a different story. Or a story, differently.

It goes something like this. A McKinsey man, an ad agency Account Director, and a Bain management consultant, each a Cambridge graduate, decided to start a business.

And, Innocent smoothies was born.

So, it’s actually the same story. Or a story about the same brand’s origins.

There are undoubtedly many more.

To me, the second telling seems a touch less romantic and motivational. Unless, of course, you are a huge fan of global management consultancies and ad agencies. Of course you are, who could blame you?

What’s the point?

As a legendary Irish comedian used to say, “It’s the way you tell ’em”.

And more than that.

It’s about focusing on the aspects of the creation story that are essential, that informs and resonates with your mission and purpose as a brand — that will connect with your audience (the why you exist, as much as the who and how).

Then it can become part of the powerful and meaningful story that connects your people and your audience to your brand.

Do you have a compelling creation-story or a simple narrative that builds meaning?

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