Build a B2B Brand that resonates with customers and stands out from the competition

Build a B2B Brand that resonates with customers and stands out from the competition


When it comes to developing a brand strategy and messaging, B2B businesses have a unique set of considerations to take into account. Here are a few key points to keep in mind.

To begin, craft a clear and unique value proposition

Focus on the value proposition: A strong B2B brand strategy should clearly articulate the value that the business brings to its customers.

B2B branding is all about the value proposition: What unique value does your company bring to the table, and how does it solve your customers’ problems better than the competition?’ Martin Lindstrom

Decision-making in B2B Settings

Customer is king, but consider their internal decision-making process: In a B2B context, purchasing decisions are often made by a team rather than an individual. So, it's important to consider the various stakeholders who will be involved in the decision-making process and tailor the messaging accordingly. As Harvard Business School’s David B. Yoffie advises, ‘A B2B brand must focus on the needs of the various decision makers within the customer organisation, rather than just the end user.

Establish your business as a trusted resource

Emphasise trust and credibility: In a B2B setting, building trust and credibility is crucial. Businesses should position themselves as reliable and expert sources of information, and it helps to be transparent about your processes and capabilities.

In B2B branding, credibility is just as important as likability. Customers need to trust that your company can deliver on its promises and that you are competent and professional in your dealings with them.’ Denise Lee Yohn

Set your B2B business apart from the competition

Differentiate from the competition: In a B2B market as in any other, it’s important to differentiate oneself from the competition in order to stand out. This can be achieved through a clear value proposition paired with a unique brand personality. A unique brand personality can help a B2B business stand out and differentiate itself from the competition. You can achieve this through the use of consistent branding elements such as tone of voice, visual style, and messaging.

B2B branding is not just about logic and function, it's also about emotion and connection. A strong brand personality helps a B2B business to build relationships with their customers, and create a more meaningful and memorable brand experience.’ Margaret Molloy, CMO Siegel & Gale

‘The most important aspect of differentiation is the value proposition. A unique value proposition (UVP) is the one thing that makes your company different and better than the competition. It’s what you stand for and the reason why customers should choose your products or services.’ Guy Kawasaki
Bring it all together: Crafting a cohesive B2B Brand Strategy

So, developing a strong B2B brand strategy and messaging requires a focus on value proposition, consideration of the decision-making process, emphasis on trust and credibility, and differentiation from the competition. Keeping these key points in mind, and your B2B business can effectively communicate its value to potential customers and stand out in the crowded market.

Developing a successful B2B brand strategy requires a nuanced understanding of the needs and preferences of your target audience, as well as the competitive landscape. While it can be tempting to handle the process in-house (or get a just designer to give you a fresh lick of paint), an independent, external brand consultant can provide valuable insights and perspective that can help your business get the most out of the branding process.

An experienced brand consultant will have a deep understanding of best practices and can help you craft a brand strategy that is tailored to your specific business and goals. They can also bring perpective, fresh ideas and approaches to the table, which can be particularly valuable for businesses that are looking to break out of a rut or reposition themselves in the market (read more here).

Bottom line, hiring an independent external brand strategist will be an investment that pays off in the long run, it will help your business build a strong, differentiated brand that resonates with your customers and drives success. So if you're considering developing a B2B brand strategy, consider bringing in an expert to help you get the best possible results.

Here's how one of my client’s put it:
‘Garrett has the ability to look wide and understand the business needs. He knows and understands where you need to be in the market and gives you practical steps to take you there. He seeks out ideas to get you there, to help you to stand out. He has a gift for finding the words and images, translating the concept of the strategy into practise. Your strategy doesn’t just sit there in a PowerPoint.’ CEO, King’s Inns
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