Navigating brand management – the a, b, c…

February 21, 2019

Generally, when we are building a successful brand we are engaged in looking outward to the market. But increasingly, it’s how we manage our brands internally that determines a brand’s long term success.

Based on the successes (and some failures) of major brand projects, here’s my absolute top line on brand management…

A. Take it from the top…

Your organisation’s leadership must understand and get behind the brand strategy and push for the successful execution. For internal and external buy-in to your brand, if your leaders show belief and committment, others will follow.

B. Structure and empower

Strategic brand management as a group or department needs to be highly visible and take a high position on the decision-making tree.

Without executive power, funding, clear strategic goals and access to the highest levels of the organisation, your brand building efforts will languish in an lifeless brand guideline and ultimately fail.

C. Communicate, excite and engage

Behaviour that is ‘on-brand’ is driven by everyone understanding the values and the purpose of your organisation. And, the intrinsic importance of your brand to your mission. You must show people the way and excite them. Tell them what’s in it for them.

True engagement with the brand comes from day-to-day behavoural change, this can only be driven by genuine belief in both the mission you are on and the people taking the journey with you.

Have you had experience of building and managing the growth of a brand? Are there essentials you would add? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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